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For 25 years now Pet DeFence delivers safety, convenience, and peace of mind to your family and freedom for your pets to roam your yard! As your dealer and trainer, we provide professional installations and training as well as independent support for Invisible Fence® brand systems and factory recommended support for Pet Stop®, PetSafe®, Innotek® and DogWatch® brands of underground pet containment.

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Award-winning Local Hidden Dog Fencing Dealer

Pet DeFence® Hidden Dog Fences has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and is the continuous recipient of “Angie’s List® Super Service Provider Award” for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 with over 120 ” A” reviews across four different categories. Join Angie’s List for free today to see them. They love us on Yelp. Also, check out our Google reviews.

Roger McCoy, founder, and owner of Pet DeFence®, has more years of experience in this industry than the other two leading fence companies salespersons and their new owners combined.

The Top Choice for Local Veterinarians

71 local veterinarians recommend Pet DeFence® hidden dog fences and 32 veterinarians trust their dogs’ lives to our underground dog fences, even after owning and changing from another brand of electronic underground fencing, including the Invisible Fence® brand.

Check our Vet References to see if your vet is on our list.

Preferred by Discriminating Customers in YOUR Neighborhood

More than 4,000 other satisfied customers recommend us. In fact, well over half of our hidden pet fence customers come from referrals. You can see why our reputation and training methods are our most cherished assets.


Your dog deserves Pet DeFence

Simply put, we offer only the best dog fence training, equipment, service and installation in the industry.
Our goal is to give you peace of mind while keeping your pet comfortable and safe.

Pet DeFence specializes in pet containment using hidden dog fence solutions and features Pet Stop® electronic dog fence systems. We provide sales, installation, “GentleStart™” and “SafeYard™” training and service for complete fence systems, as well as providing independent support for Invisible Fence®, PetSafe®, Dog Watch®, Dog Guard®, and other electronic dog containment brands.

Our Unique Training Method Makes all the Difference

Roger McCoy, President and owner of Pet DeFence is the exclusive provider and originator of “GentleStart™” and “SafeYard™” training methodologies. These methods are so special that they are recognized by the International Association of Canine Professionals. Our hidden dog fence systems feature a Triple Safety Signal. Our unique training with the support of our state of the art products translates into greater safety, fun and happiness and far less stress for you and your dog. “GentleStart™” training gives you easier and quicker results on your new hidden pet fence and better long-term success. All with a money-back containment guarantee. The biggest difference is in the training we provide you and your dog.

Independent Service for Invisible Fence® Brand Owners

Do you already own an Invisible Fence® brand hidden dog fence?

Do you need better service or just tired of the expensive battery plan they require of you?
Call and ask about our Invisible Fence® Brand upgrade program.

Compatible Products for Invisible Fence® Brand Owners

We also offer Invisible Fence® compatible batteries, and dog fence collars compatible with Invisible Fence® brand, PetSafe®, PetSafe® Professional, Dog Guard® and Dog Watch®.

Does this sound like you and your dog?

  • Does your dog dash for open doors and gates and into the street?
  • Has your dog ever run away from you, even for just a few minutes?
  • Does it scare you when you cannot find your dog?
  • Does your dog dig out or under your existing fence?
  • Do you have a lovely view that would be ruined by a wooden fence?
  • Does your dog dig in the gardens?
  • Have you ever NOT taken your pet out because you didn’t have time, or because it was too hot, cold, wet, or late for you?
  • Does your dog jump, climb, chew or squeeze through your wood or metal fence?
  • Does your pet unlock the fence, or leave because someone didn’t close it?
  • Has your dog ever run with other neighborhood dogs?
  • Does your neighborhood prohibit wood, chain link or metal fences?
  • Has your dog ever chased your neighbors’ cats, horses, cows, goats or chickens?

Aren’t you tired of these things happening all the time? Wouldn’t you love to get back about 30 minutes a day from having to watch the dogs? Wouldn’t you love to contain your pets so all this would be a thing of the past?

Make these problems a thing of the past by choosing the best for you and your pet.
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