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Our Story

We are a local, family-owned company that got started after we adopted Lucky, our pound puppy for our children in 1993. Owner Roger McCoy has more experience in this field than then all other leading hidden fence companies in the Kansas City area combined. Our team of employees, with over 50 years of combined experience, are friendly professionals committed to quality and customer service.

Since 1993, we have delivered the best hidden dog fence equipment, service, training and installation in the industry. Our goal is to give you peace of mind while enabling your pet to roam safely in your yard.

We also provide support for Invisible Fence® brand systems and all other brands of underground pet containment.

Your home is already connected to your phone. Why isn’t your dog? – Introducing Pet Stop’s LiNK™ dog fence collar.

LINK app displayed on smartphone
Only LINK receivers and Smartphone app give you all of these features:

You can even contact and message us (your dealer) through the app. With LiNK you’ll have access to real-time information at your fingertips and so will we if you ever need help troubleshooting your dog’s behavior or his collar. I can even send you programming changes for your dog’s collar over the air.

LINK makes it all so easy. LiNK’s breakthrough technology forever changes the peace-of-mind you get from your hidden dog fence.

With LiNK you can instantly access more receiver settings than with any other manufacturer’s brand.

Only LiNK receivers and Smartphone app give you access to:

  • Smaller size for smaller dogs or for greater comfort to larger dogs as well – Comfort fit
  • Gentle Spring Contact Points – Comfort and consistent contact – Comfort, and Safety
  • Lower correction levels for tiny dogs – Easier training
  • A remote training collar feature for off-leash training – Eases your ability to fix behavior problems
  • On-the-fly shock level adjustments – Speed and convenience
  • A night-light feature built into the receiver to visually monitor dogs at night from a distance – Security
  • Access to thousands of programming options for special circumstances – Training ease
  • Simple training level adjustments during the SafeYard® training period – Training ease
  • Reviewable warning history to see the progress of your dog’s training – Knowledge is power – Safety
  • Battery recharge alert on your phone so you know before your dog – Safety and convenience
  • Help in finding a misplaced collar using tones and signal strength monitoring – Ease and safety
  • “Stopper” and “Push-Back” feature for stubborn dogs that test the fence – Training ease
  • Higher correction levels that make “trouble-makers” think twice before testing the fence – Training ease
  • Your dealer can send customized programs for “special” dogs to the LINK App  – Convenience

Imagine the industry’s tiniest, lightest and rechargeable containment collar. Now imagine connecting this Bluetooth collar to your pet fence system through your smartphone. Stop dreaming. The wait is over and you can only get it thru Pet DeFence. LiNK is a Bluetooth-enabled dog fence receiver and smartphone app made exclusively by Pet Stop. LiNK monitors your pet’s behavior and the working state of the receiver. You can proactively adjust your collar’s settings with a quick click.

Be the first in your neighborhood to use a LiNK receiver.