4 Ways To Make Your Rental Property Safe For Pets

In the US, 85 million families own a pet, in fact, we have over 60 million dogs and 40 million cats. These are much-loved members of the family. If you are getting your buy-to-let property ready for new tenants, it is worth considering that they may have pets. Accommodating pets will also make it easier to let your property quickly. By making some simple changes to your house, you can keep pets safe, even outside in the yard.

Install a Pet DeFence Hidden Dog Fence

Many dogs are prone to roaming when they shouldn’t be. Particularly retrievers, bouncy collies and those bred for search and rescue. This may mean that the boundaries that you have got around your property might not be completely adequate for keeping pets safe inside the garden. Installing a Pet Defence Hidden Dog Fence is an excellent way of keeping dogs safely contained near the house. If a dog often makes a dash for it as soon as the door is open, or is prone to digging, like small terrier breeds, then a Hidden Dog Fence is a good solution, particularly if the house is in a busy neighborhood and there is lots of traffic.

Consider assistance dogs

In the US, there are 43 million people that are living with a disability. Many of them have a pet, and not just for companionship. There are almost 400,000 service and assistance dogs that do a valuable job helping people with simple, daily tasks. There are also 10,000 guide dogs for those living with sight impairments. Let us not forget too the fantastic Emotional Support dogs, that are commonly trained to help people living with conditions such as autism and Aspergers. If you are letting your property to someone with an assistance dog, speak to them to see if there are any special things you need to consider to make your house accessible.

Fit Indoor wireless transmitters that work with their Pet DeFence hidden dog fence receiver collars

Fitting your rental property with Indoor wireless transmitters that work with their Pet DeFence hidden dog fence receiver collars will be appreciated by your new renters who want to keep their pets safe. For instance, place an indoor wireless transmitter between the kitchen and the living room can be used to keep pets out of harm’s way when the kitchen is being used for cooking. Or, install one at your front door so it can keep pets contained away from the door if someone comes to the door.

Put in a lockable cat flap

Cats are very independent and many like to come and go as they please. However, this may not be a good idea if your property is in a busy neighborhood. Many people only let their cat out into the yard if they are present. Installing a lockable cat flap is a very handy feature that tenants will appreciate. You can also buy models that open on a timer, for instance, only in the evenings when the residents are back from work.

Our pets are true members of the family. Installing features to keep them safe will help you let your property out quickly and easily.

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