Pet Stop Brand Products

Dog Fencing Collar - Small & Light

No other receiver collars on the market have as many advanced features as Pet Stop. They offer the latest technology packed into the smallest and lightest professional receiver collar in the market today. Its range of settings and programs make training easier for you and your pet. Professional trainers across the country agree – our professional receiver is the smartest choice.

LiNK Receivers with Smartphone app

  • Only LiNK receivers and Smartphone app give you access to:

    • Smaller size for smaller dogs or for greater comfort to larger dogs as well (0.9 ounces) – Comfort fit
    • Gentle Spring Contact Points – Comfort and consistent contact – Comfort, and Safety
    • Lower correction levels for tiny dogs – Easier training
    • A remote training collar feature for off-leash training – Eases your ability to fix behavior problems
    • On-the-fly shock level adjustments – Convenience
    • A night-light feature built into the receiver to visually monitor dogs at night from a distance – Security
    • Access to thousands of programming options for special circumstances – Training ease
    • Simple training level adjustments during the SafeYard® training period – Training ease
    • Reviewable warning history to see the progress of your dog’s training – Knowledge is power – Safety
    • Battery recharge alert on your phone so you know before your dog – Safety and convenience
    • Help in finding a misplaced collar using tones and signal strength monitoring – Ease and safety
    • “Stopper” and “Push-Back” feature for stubborn dogs that test the fence – Training ease
    • Higher correction levels (when needed) that make “trouble-makers” think twice before testing the fence – Training ease
    • Your dealer can send customized programs for “special” dogs to the LiNK App  – Convenience

    Call us today (913-345-2533) and be the first in your neighborhood to see and own a Link™ receiver.

  • Triple-Zone Feature:
    The increasing stimulation encourages your dog to return to the safety of his yard. This feature allows our products to give your pet far LESS stimulation than competing brands, while still maintaining your pets’ safety and your peace of mind.
  • Advanced digital technology (Digital Modulation) ensures your pet’s safety and your peace of mind. Just as your cell phone can’t ring unless someone is calling, neither can our collars falsely activate in front of TVs, microwaves or other electronic devices. In fact, our digital signal is modeled after the same signal technology and encoding used by the FAA for air traffic control. Advanced digital technology (Digital Modulation) ensures your pet’s safety and your peace of mind.
  • For your peace of mind, we offer Over-Correction Protection. This exclusive feature automatically interrupts the stimulation after 20 seconds in the unlikely event your dog becomes “trapped” in the correction field.
  • Different shock levels for different dogs. Eleven different correction levels start at levels so low they can’t even feel it. Plus, multiple frequencies, modulations, delay and sensitivity settings allow us to customize the collars to each individual pet, based on size and temperament.
  • Anti-linger and progressive correction will stop your pet from hanging out in the boundary zone and running down batteries.
  • Our “No run-through” feature, when activated, detects the speed in which your pet is traveling through the boundary zone. The further into the boundary zone, or the longer they stay in it, the higher the correction can become. The receiver can be programmed in special situations to deliver an extended correction for up to an extra 6 seconds if the pet develops a pattern of behavior where it bolts through the boundary.
  • Safety “time-out” shuts off the shock for as long as your pet is in the boundary zone should he somehow stay in the signal for too long.
  • A low-battery indicator keeps you from guessing when it is time to change the batteries.
  • LiNK, our Lightest receiver collar weighs in at 0.9 ounces, making it a perfect fit for small breed dogs. We have one Yorkie that weighs only 2 pounds on our fence! Our receiver is that small and light. Our standard UltraTuff receiver weighs only 1.5 ounces.
  • Waterproof – But we recommend you remove for your dog’s neck health if he is a swimmer.
  • Both LiNK and UltraTuff receivers are encased in a high-impact ABS thermoplastic housing. It is 100% waterproof. Your dog can even swim without damaging the collar.
  • Manufacturer’s UltraCare Limited Lifetime Warranty. Their warranty means you will never pay retail for a replacement again. (Note: This warranty applies to LiNK and UltraTuff models with UltraCare warranty. It does not apply to one and two-year warranty products.)

Wall-Mounted Transmitter

Dog Fence Transmitters - Pet Stop TransmitterOur containment systems can cover up to 100 acres. So even if your backyard is as big as a park, your pets can roam freely and safely, thanks to our advanced digital technology. Of course, it also works in the smallest of spaces to give your pet protection that’s completely adjustable and always reliable.

And you’ll have multiple training options designed to suit your dog’s temperament, no matter the breed. As the industry leader, we’re dedicated to innovation and quality. That’s why our entire line of products was created specifically with your pet’s well-being in mind.

  • Three separate training and containment modes to meet your pet’s individual needs. (Flat, Progressive and Extended)
  • Range adjustments to customize your boundaries.
  • Multiple containment modes for each dog: warning beep only; warning beep then shock; Warning beep with immediate shock.
  • Audible and visual wire-break alarms.
  • Zapp! Alert to notify you if there is lightning damage
  • Automatic adjustment for cold temperature signal adjustment to maintain a constant signal distance.
  • Manufacturer’s UtraCare Limited Lifetime Warranty means you will never pay retail for a replacement. (Please note this warranty does not apply to one and two-year limited warranty products.)

Batteries – Commonly available for your receiver collar

Dog Fence Batteries - Pet Stop Compatible Batterles

We do not continue to charge you after the sale. While another well-known company requires you to send them money every three or four months to maintain their warranty by purchasing their expensive battery plan, we don’t. You have a choice. You can buy the batteries and other products from us at our Overland Park and Olathe parts stores, our online store, or online vendors.

Plus, with our products, you will not have to rely on your dog telling you when it is time to replace the battery because it has left the yard. Instead, our receiver products warn you a week in advance with a LOW BATTERY INDICATOR light on the collar. Typically, you will need replacement batteries every 4 to 10 months.

Lightning Protector

 Panamax Lightning ProtectionTake your pet’s protection to the next level with a professionally installed lightning and surge protector. We offer this with every system installation.

When the unexpected happens – like lightning strikes or power surges – your wall-mounted transmitter and your pet’s security could be at risk. With a lightning protector, you can rest easy even during the most intense thunderstorms knowing that your containment system is safe from Mother Nature’s fury. And this means your pets are safe as well.

Lightning Protector Features:

Our goal is to keep your pet safe at home. How could we do this if your transmitter is not safe from lightning and power surges?

  • Safeguards your equipment against most surges.
  • Completely disconnects and resets the AC power to connected equipment in the event of a catastrophic surge.
  • Large capacity to dissipate surges.
  • Reduces the risk of system failure by protecting the transmitter so it can continue to keep the pet inside the designated boundary zone.
  • Space-saving design plugs directly into the wall outlet.
  • 500-year life expectancy. Panamax explained to me that this means 1 in 500 installed units may fail in a year’s time. I have thousands installed and generally see one or two failures in a year.)
  • Easy-to-see power indicator light.

“In 1999, we began offering professional lightning protection on every wall-mounted transmitters we installed. Since then, with thousands installed, only a few protected units have failed from lightning or power surge, compared to the hundreds per year we had before.”

“My customers are educated and look for clear, distinct advantages in choosing a hidden fence company to protect their family pet. The professional lightning protector is one more advantage for my customers.”

– Roger McCoy, President of Pet DeFence, Inc.

Typical Yard Layouts – 

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