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Stop Your Dog Chewing Your Furniture

A dog’s safety is of great importance to their owners. Whether it is putting up a fence, or taking them for regular check-ups, owners want to make sure that they are as happy and healthy as possible. There are times, though, when you will have to go out, leaving your pet dog at home for a couple of hours. You expect to come home to find your house and furniture in the same condition it was when your left. Some puppies and dogs, however, can be quite destructive, and end up chewing furniture, woodwork and even the doors in your home. As confirmed by the ASPCA, chewing furniture is a common behavioral problem, particularly for younger dogs. For puppies, they are often exploring their world, albeit with their teeth. But for other dogs, chewing may be anxiety related. Is your dog unwell or stressed? How do you put a stop to this behavior? 

Why do dogs chew the furniture?

Dogs often start to chew the furniture because they are bored. Just like humans, dogs need regular activity and stimulation, otherwise, they can become stressed. They aren’t purposefully being destructive (although sometimes it might feel like this). When dogs are young, they may also be chewing the furniture in order to relieve dental and gum pain if they are teething. When dogs are older, chewing furniture is a good way of keeping teeth and gums clean

Give them something else to chew

Simply giving your pet something else to chew (that is tastier and more nutritious than the leg of a chair), will deter your dog from chewing the furniture. Head down to the pet store for a chew toy that is hard wearing, and safe for your dog. Nylabone and Smartchew bones are popular choices. Your dog should know that this chew is specifically for them – dogs place a lot of emphasis on ownership! A Kong chew toy or similar is a good way of alleviating boredom in dogs, they are having to work at getting to their treat. Dental sticks are good for both teething puppies and older dogs who are trying to keep their teeth and mouths clean. 

Adjusting their behavior

Make sure that your dog is getting plenty of exercise, sometimes that become bored simply because they aren’t getting enough physical activity to tire them out during the day. If your dog is chewing the furniture due to anxiety, it is important to work out a way for them to feel safe and secure. Make sure that your dog has its own bed to sleep in. You may wish to invest in a crate to keep them in for a short period of time if you leave the house. There are numerous sprays that you can spray on your furniture without causing further damage that act as a deterrent, such as Chew Guard Spray and Bitter Yuck. If you are concerned about your dog’s ongoing behavior, you may wish to visit a pet psychologist to help. 

It may take a number of combined solutions to stop your dog from chewing your furniture. In the meantime, make sure that your dog has plenty of walks and a place of their own to feel safe and secure.

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Puppy image from: Photo by Elijah Henderson on Unsplash


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