Your dog will be trained in the gentlest fashion. We aim to make your yard a safe, happier and more rewarding place than it was before we started. That’s the Pet DeFence promise.” – Roger McCoy – Owner

Positive Dog Training

Our training methodology creates the least stress for you and your dog in the hidden fence industry.

Once your Pet DeFence hidden dog fence is installed, we instruct your pet and you using “GentleStart™” and “SafeYard™” training methodologies. This humane and patient program guides you and your pet through the learning and awareness phase. Our training program is the polar opposite of all other training methods. Within a few minutes of starting, you will most likely begin to understand that nothing else makes sense and that nothing else could be so humane.

The Yard Is a Happy Place

Training on a Pet DeFence hidden dog fence combines a proprietary training set up in your yard along with a visual flag boundary and an audible beep from the dog’s collar. Our objective is to help your dog understand that the yard is first a safe, fun and happy place. Learning in this unique manner occurs before your pet receives more than the tiniest of stimulations from the collar.

Our calm and assertive training helps your dog understand that it can control the shock and beep by simply backing away and avoiding it entirely in the future. We are not aware of any other hidden fence company that encourages you to teach for as long as us, as other companies sometimes rely heavily on intimidating and severely shocking your pet within the first few minutes of training.

Teaching Your Dog Confidence

Both you and your pet will appreciate our proprietary method, as it is designed to give your dog the confidence to leave the porch for future training. In fact, for the first nine years we were in this business, we used to train like everyone else. I always felt the methods the industry used were heavy-handed and inevitably lead to a frightened dog that would not leave the porch for the second training. Virtually every phone call we got after training was: “How do I get my dog off the porch?”

With “SafeYard™” training, only after your dog shows its understanding and willingness to participate is it permitted to receive only the slightest tingle. The shock is so tiny at this stage that most dogs will not notice it the first several times it happens. One of my customers let her little four-year-old daughter touch the collar on the first day of training. She said, “It feels like someone is blowing on my fingers.” Of course, this level will not keep your pet home in the long run, but your pet is on a leash at this time and is being gently guided through awareness, and eventually into containment a few days later at a higher shock level.

Distractions? No Problem.

During “GentleStart™” with “SafeYard™” dog training, your pet learns the process thoroughly. During this awareness stage of training, while on a leash, your pet only receives the tiniest stimulation. This convinces your pet that squirrels, cats, deer, distractions and other enticements can come and go. However, your dog will stay in the yard. After a few weeks, most people begin to remove the flags from the yard and they trust their pets to stay safe at home!

SafeYard™ combined with GentleStart™ is so successful that the International Association of Canine Professionals awards certification in this process.

Dogs can get so well trained that they don’t leave to chase a cat

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