Pay Your Pet DeFence Bill Online


Paying from this page sends money to Pet DeFence Hidden Dog Fences in OLATHE, KS.

If you wish to pay “Home Team PEST Defense” insect control, click on the following link:

Before clicking on the “Pay Now” button, please read the following:

  1. After clicking the “Pay Now” button, you will see an “Order Summary Page” with a field called “Item Price“.
  2. In the”Item Price” field enter your invoice amount PLUS a 3% convenience fee.  To calculate the 3% fee to add to your total payment, multiply your balance owed by 1.03. The new total equals your charges plus the fee.  Ex: If you owe $110.51 you should: multiply $110.51 times 1.03.   $110.51 X 1.03 = $113.83
  3. After entering your “Item Price“, click the “UPDATE TOTAL” button
  4. Complete your payment by proceeding to the fields on the right side of the page where you will either fill in your PayPal credentials or Click on “Don’t Have A PayPal Account?” where you may then pay using a Debit or Credit card.

You can also pay with your phone by scanning the QR code above.