Typical Yard Layouts

The Big Loop Layout

The Big Loop

The Big Loop is one of our most popular layouts. The benefits of the Big Loop are that your pet is protected from unexpected escapes from any doorway as well as having the freedom to play in your entire yard.

Figure 8 defends your dog with 360 degrees of protection while confining him to the back or front yard only

The Split Yard or “Figure 8” Layout

The Figure 8 is also one of our most popular layouts. It shares all of the benefits of the Big Loop while keeping your dog in either the front or the back because the sides are blocked.

The Double Loop Layout (Front or Back Only)

Hidden Dog Fence Layout - Double Loop
Double Loop – No cheaper and costs more to maintain.

The Double Loop blocks only the back or front yard like a conventional fence would. It requires installing two parallel wires in the back or front yards. This method does not save you any money and leaves garage doors and front doors vulnerable to escape as they are left unprotected. They are difficult to maintain and service. We do not recommend this layout except in very special circumstances.

Other creative solutions available too.